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Utopia Just For You Gift Collection Milk Tea Blend Milk Tea Blend
Duty-free price JPY 3,200
Domestic reference price JPY 3,850
Product number 3042610482

Item description

A set featuring rollerballs and mini skincare products.
A collection of limited-edition boxes, with two scents to choose from.
(Rollerball: 10ml / Hand cream: 20g / Hair milk: 30ml)

Product features:
● A rollerball, mini hand cream, and hair milk, now available together in a special box with a limited-edition design.

● An eau de toilette rollerball featuring the pure white bouquet of White Floral, together with the sweet, rich aroma of Milk Tea Blend.
● Small and easy to carry on the go, so you can enjoy fresh fragrance any time.

Hand Cream
● Moisturize your hands while immersing yourself in the scents of White Floral’s pure white bouquet and the sweet, rich Milk Tea Blend.
● Paraben free.

Hair Milk
● This hair milk protects hair from dryness, UV damage, and heat from the hair dryer, while moisturizing each strand of hair to give it a supple and manageable texture.
● Made with ingredients that take well to hair for smoothness and lightness during application. The hair is kept moisturized, but doesn't feel sticky.
● With a Plant-derived Inner Repair Ingredient that repairs the hair from within and a Naturally-derived Cuticle Repair Ingredient, the product acts on the hair from both the inside and the outside for a double repair effect. Repairs damaged hair to bring back that silky smooth feeling between your fingers.
● Softening Ingredient*1 softens and loosens stiff hair, leaving it supple and hydrated.
● Formulated with light-reflecting Shine Ingredient*2. For refined and radiant hair that dazzles.
● The gorgeous scents of the pure white bouquet of White Floral and the sweet, rich Milk Tea Blend are long-lasting.
● Paraben free.
*1 Softening Ingredient is alkyl benzoate (C12-15).
*2 Shine Ingredient is diphenyl dimethicone.

The hand cream and hair milk are adorned with an illustration of a fantastical forest, inspired by the holiday season.

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